Apartment photos

We love to to show you photos of the apartment. We didn’t name the apartment ‘Casa Luz’ (Light House) for nothing. The living room is very light due to the 3.5 meter high balcony doors. Because of the light and the enormously high ceiling (the house dates from 1903) you get a very spacious feeling in the living room. To date, we have not yet succeeded in properly reflecting that spaciousness in the photos. We regularly hear that people were positively surprised when they arrived.

We ourselves regularly spend nights in Casa Luz so that we can ensure that the apartment remains at a good standard. We also regularly make or add improvements. Feel free to send us an e-mail if you have a suggestion for improvement.

We wish you a pleasant stay on the website and/or in our apartment!
Petra and Tom van Doorne

Apartment information

Have you made a reservation or are you looking for information? Here you will find practical information about the apartment:

Route from airport to the apartment
If you get this information before you arrive at the apartment, it might be useful to know how to get to the apartment from the airport:

  • Taxi: costs about € 22 (including airport tax, return is approx. € 17) to the center; you should take into account about 15 minutes travel time. Most taxi drivers are not allowed into the old city center, so get dropped off at Plaza del Ayuntamiento, (city hall square). Walk away from the sea through the tunnel to the square with the palm trees and cross that square diagonally to Calle San Augustin. Just before the stairs turn right and you walk into the street of destination. Right in the old center.Bus: line C-6 takes you to the center for € 3.85 per person (2024) and it doesn’t take much longer than a taxi. Get off at Plaza Puerta Mar I, walk back 50 meters, cross the large zebra crossing and walk approximately straight until you reach Plaza del Ayuntamiento. For the further route, see ‘Taxi’ above. The walking time to the apartment is about five minutes.

Very important for some: there is WiFi in the apartment. When you’re inside, the access code is easy to find.

Air conditioning
The air conditioning also serves as heating and hangs in the bedrooms and in the living room. Main functions (cooling and heating) are explained in the symbols under the red button. We trust that you only use the air conditioning when you are in the apartment.

Washing machine
In one of the two bathrooms you will find a washing machine and a dryer in the closet. It is for your convenience. The dryer is a condenser dryer whose reservoir (at the front of the opening) must be emptied manually. After showering, it is best to let the towels dry on a drying rack outside the master bedroom.

Fire extinguisher, fire blanket and smoke detectors
Between the front door and the dresser, there’s a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket behind the connecting door in the living room. Various smoke detectors (bedrooms and at the front door) have also been installed. If a battery is empty, you can replace it with new batteries in the top drawer of the dresser. The detectors are attach

ed to the ceiling with magnets and are therefore easy to detach.A carbon monoxide detector is not necessary, as no gas is used in the apartment.

Beach mats
(normally) There are several beach mats available, which you can find in the first bedroom, adjacent to the living room. Please put them back after use for the next guests?

Emergency number
In case of emergency you should call 112. You can ask for an English-speaking employee.

If you stand on the balcony and look to the right, you will see a waste container and a glass container. At this location in the city, waste is not separated any further than that. In summer it is recommended to throw out the garbage daily.

Convenience store
The nearest large supermarket is a 10-minute walk away and is the Mercadona on Carrer Alvarez Sereix 5. Closer, a 4-minute walk, you will find the Carrefour Espress in Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Great for small groceries. The Supercor is the other way, but just as far, slightly larger and is at the top of the Rambla on the right. Open daily from 7am to 1am. Next to Supercor is an excellent bakery, La Masa de Tomasa, with delicious French baguettes and Spanish barras.

As long as you stay on the tourist trail, you’ll be fine with the English language. Outside of that, hardly anyone speaks a word English. In fact, people mainly speak Valencian among each other, which shows similarities with the Catalan language. Buenas dias, buanas tardes, and buenas noches is abbreviated to “Bonas” and Hasta Luego (goodbye) is pronounced “a logo.”

We do appreciate reviews on AirBnB, Booking or Expedia. Tips and suggestions, but also requests for information can be passed on to info@casaluzapaertamento.com