Welcome to Casa Luz, Alicante!

On this page we refer you to places on our website where we would like to tell you more about:

Apartment Casa Luz
For us, of course, the most beautiful place in the city 😊. You can also read what to expect when you rent our apartment. Read more…

History of Alicante
This city is so much more than just the place where your plane lands when you go on holiday to the Costa Blanca. In the 7,000 years that this place has been inhabited, many eventful years have passed. Pride and sadness come together in this thoroughly Spanish city. If interested you can read more about the piece of history of the city of Alicante.

Highlights of Alicante
As befits a real Spanish city, Alicante also has beautiful buildings, attractive squares and colorful streets. We have described the most striking in the center here with text and photos.

Catering industry
Alicante has a lot to offer in the field of catering. Everything from tapas bars where you slip on paper napkins to high end restaurants with top quality atmosphere and food. Lots of bars and Clubs. Click here to read more about this surprising hospitality city here.

Tips & Tours
Finally, we have collected some tips & Tours. We give them here.

You really don’t have to rent our apartment to send us an e-mail (but of course you can). We are overflowing with enthusiasm for this city and are happy to tell you about it.

If you have questions that you cannot find the answer to on this website, please ask them by e-mail. We know more than described here and we know sufficient Spanish/Dutch/Swedish/Belgian/English people in Alicante with all the information you desire.

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Petra and Tom van Doorne